Rediscovering My British-ness | Cerinebabyyish VLOG #1

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TEVITIL, aka The Europe Vlogs I Thought I Lost. For more high definition pictures and in depth stories about our time in London, head on over to my blog: So a little background story on why this all happened the way it did. Basically a year ago, I travelled to Europe with my boyfriend. I of course took thousands of photos and captured lots of interesting footage for vlogs, but I lost the memory card... Most of you who follow me on instagram would've seen the few images I had taken using my cell phone and I was able to export some of the images from my card, but a lot of the images were lost.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I actually ended up finding said memory card in a small box of bobby pins throw carelessly into the basement of my parent's house. So, I thought I would put it all together anyways as some of you may find it interesting.


If you want to see more vlogs slotted in to my beauty tutorial video schedule, make you you let me know by liking this video and commenting down below. This one was super short because as I mentioned, I forgot to vlog for the first portion of our stay, but it gets more lengthy and interesting in the later vlogs - I promise!


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