Air Element Yoga Breath, Heart Connection & Inspiration {40 min}

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Hey yogis, the final class in my elemental yoga series is an Air themed flow for conscious breathing and deep connection. The element of air is associated with the heart chakra and the space of the lungs.

This class is all about "opening to receive the breath". When we tap into the element of air, we open ourselves up to the world and allow ourselves to connect to our own life force and to all other living beings in the world. This is a beautiful practice to do when you feel disconnected or lonely as it will remind you that no matter how far friends & family may be, we are all breathing the same air.

The element of air is also great for inspiring creativity and getting in touch with your spirituality. The flow itself will take you through poses that open up the chest and upper back in all directions through backbends, twists and lateral stretches.

A lot of the poses will have clasped hands so you may want to have a strap and a block close by.

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