Guided Meditation: Acceptance Of The Present Moment

This 15 minute meditation was created to help you with any anxieties or fear of the future and/or the past. Each of us has a certain image of how we see our life becoming and coming to be, however sometimes life works in ways that we are given something we may not want or agree with. We see it as a set back and sometimes let it affect our lives negatively attracting more negative energy than we asked for.

This meditation is meant to help you find acceptance with what is. Not fighting it but truly accepting each present moment as it is given to us by the universe. Find peace, contentment, and acceptance that everything has a reason behind it. Weather it is a lesson to be learnt, a push to change our life in a new direction, or perhaps a realization of who is truly true to us.

Find a quiet comfortable position. Put some headphones on, and let yourself become emerced in this peaceful state for 15 min.



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